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We on the board are glad that you are reading our newsletter, but it contained information that was missing or incorrect.  The 2017 Poker Run is not on the fourth Saturday in July, but the last Saturday in July, the 29th.  Hope to see you there.  HLA Board


March, 2017: Lake Board Report for 2016

The Hamilton Lake Association Board is made up of volunteers from each section of the lake, fifteen in all.  Their goal is simply to keep the lake in the best possible condition for residents, visitors, boaters, swimmers and fishermen.  Easily the single biggest effort concerns control of aquatic weeds, particularly of the non-native variety, such as Eurasian milfoil.  Costs for this effort run to the tens of thousands of dollars annually, and so the Board works constantly to maintain and increase membership in the association, and to do all it can to raise funds.  In addition to membership dues and donations, one major fund raiser has been the annual poker run in July (see note above), which provides a fun day for participants and raises substantial funds each year for the HLA's annual expenditures.  Members of the Hamilton Lake community are always welcome to attend monthly board meetings which run on the second Tuesday of the month from April to October at the Hamilton Town Hall at 7:00.  Plan to attend and learn more about YOUR Hamilton Lake Association and its Board of Directors.

Lake Board Minutes for May, 2015

Lake Board Minutes for May, 2015


Minutes of the Board of Directors

May 12, 2015

Janet Albright called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. with the following members present: Val Fetters, Mike Hawley, Peggy Hayden, Ron Abraham, Ron Calvin, Ginny DeBrunner, Dennis Germann, Clint Nester, and Linda Skelly.  Jan Biddle and Tonya Peters were also in attendance.  (10 Board Members and 2 Volunteers)

Secretary’s Report: With one note of correction, a motion to accept the minutes of the April meeting was made by Mike Hawley and second by Ron Abraham.  Motion carried.  One update to the Board Member Directory was made (Ron Calvin’s e-mail).

Treasurer’s Report: April income $12,141.00.  Received LARE Grant for Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan.  Y-T-D income is $60,500.00.  Paid $2,265.00 for flags.  Y-T-D expenses are $9,851.00.  Current bank balance is $161,295.00.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Peggy Hayden and second by Ron Calvin.  Motion carried.  Dennis suggested that perhaps he should be bonded and asked the board members for their thoughts.  It was decided that he would look into the process and cost of getting bonded and the cost of getting an outside review.

Weed Control: HLA has been approved for a $5,000.00 Grant for weed control.  Sent out bids to 7 companies.  Clint handed out a spreadsheet with the bid results.  After discussion, a motion was made to continue with same company as last year, Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc. (Scott Banfield).  The motion was made by Mike Hawley and second by Dennis Germann.  Motion passed.

Membership and Communication:

  • Awareness Campaign: Suggestion made to place an ad in the newspaper with a picture comparison of what the lake use to look like compared to now.  Also it was suggested that district representatives meet with associations.

  • Membership: Ginny will send postcard reminders to those who have not paid and mail notice of annual meeting to those who have paid.

  • Computer: Ginny will look into.

  • Flag Distribution: Flags were handed out along with a list of paid participants to a designated representative of each district. District #1 Mike Hawley, District #2 Peggy Hayden & Ginny DeBrunner, District #3 Dennis Germann, District #4 Ron Calvin, District #5 Ron Abraham.

  • Received money for 299 flags.  Discussion took place regarding ordering additional flags.  A motion to order 125 flags was made by Ron Abraham and second by Peggy Hayden.  Motion carried.

  • Communication: Amy Biddle has volunteered to help with the web-site.  Rick Eckert, Bill Dillon, and Amy Biddle will meet regarding the web-site and web cam.  A second camera has been installed.

Wildlife Control:

  • Goose Population: Paul & Peggy Hayden volunteered this year.  6 eggs were treated.  They have seen babies.

Grievance and General Welfare: Buoys will be placed next Tuesday, May 19.

Legislative and Council Coordination:  Chamber of Commerce: Meeting next Monday, Mike will attend.

Old Business:

  • Annual Meeting: Speakers will be designated board members & volunteers, Scott Banfield of Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc., and Jim Price of DNR.

  • Poker Run: Tonya Peters.  Public notice was in newspaper today.

  • Summer Fest: August 22, 2015

  • Fundraising:

  1. HL Stickers: Jan Biddle. Will be ordering more.

  1. Patio Furniture: A motion to proceed with the raffle was made by Clint Nester and second by Peggy Hayden.  It was suggested to have 2 Adirondack chairs and 1 side table.  Janet will check with Steve regarding DARS.  Linda will check with Wayside Furniture and Tonya will check with Sanborns.

  • HLA Clothing: Jan will contact David Castor.

A motion to adjourn was made by Peggy Hayden and second by Ron Calvin.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Secretary, Linda Skelly

A Quick Note from Pres. Janet Albright

Hi everyone,


The holiday weekend was a great start to the summer season :)


The buoys are out!  Thanks to the guys, who had the coldest day of the week, it seemed, to accomplish this necessary, expected, but sometimes, ignored and thankless part of our summer tasks.  We appreciate your hard work!


Both the geese and swan populations are down.  I've only counted five pairs of adult geese with a total of eleven goslings.  I've only seen one swan.  Thanks to the hard work of those involved.  It's not that lakers want to eliminate these birds from the lake; we just need to control the population for the safety and health of our swimmers, skiers, and water craft users.


Thanks to all board members who are distributing the flags.  Ron, sounds like you are taking this opportunity to check residents' addresses which helps Ginny update the database and keep it current.  Great idea!!!


Finally, thanks to Scott, Clint, Pat, and Dennis (and others who responded); they are checking the lake for weeds, making decisions according to our goals, and making sure our budget includes monies to keep the invasive weeds from taking over our lake.


Thanks again for all your hard work!!!


See you on June 9th for our next board meeting...  if not earlier, on or around our beautiful lake :)





2015 Weed Spray Invoice

Please complete the following:

·        Name _______________________________________________

·        Lake Address _______________________________________________

·        Mailing Address if different from Lake Address _____________________

·        If you own more than one lot and or home, please list addresses here:

·        ______________________________________________



#1 Lakefront Footage _________@ $2.35 per lakefront foot __________

#2 Weed Spray for Deeded Lake Access $50.00 (minimum)   __________

Flag available with payment of weed spray $10.00 _________________

Donation to Hamilton Lake Assoc._______________________________

(see newsletter for explanation)                    Total Paid ___________________


·        If you received this invoice and paid weed spray thru an Association (i.e. condominium, mobile home park or other), please e-mail the HLA this information listing your lake address and mailing address for our records.  Thank you.

Please return the completed invoice with payment to:        

Hamilton Lake Association

P.O. Box 515

Hamilton, IN 46742

If you received this billing in error, i.e. no longer own the property, please call and/or e-mail the HLA to correct this information.  Thank you for your assistance in keeping the HLA records up to date.Ginny DeBrunner 260-488-2394

e-mail: [email protected]


The Hamilton Lake Association is a 501.C3 not-for-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.


 Four free fishing days have been set by the Indiana DNR for 2015.  These allow Hoosier fishermen and women to fish without a license or trout stamp.  Typically, only youths under 17 and a few other qualified anglers are exempt. 

The dates are: April 18, May 16, and June 6 and 7. 

 Get out there on Hamilton Lake and fish for free, Hamiltonians!!!

 Check the DNR website for all license fees for Hunting, Fishing and Trapping at the DNR page on WWW. IN.GOV./DNR.

         Look for more information from your Hamilton Lake Association as we FINALLY get into another Indiana spring and , of course, we will need your help to make 2016 another great year at our lake. 

       Best wishes to all our lakers from the Hamilton Lake Association!!!

UPDATE: Black Creek, The Final Picture
UPDATE: Black Creek, The Final Picture

Donations to HLA can be mailed to P.O. 515, Hamilton, IN 46742

Four hundred feet of fieldstone was added to the outer banks of Black Creek by Bill Martins, Bob Snare, Al Byers, Dennis Germann and Steve Wood, with help from Reese Excavating.  Cost of this last project will run between $4500 and $5000.  As ALWAYS, donations are greatly appreciated by the Hamilton Lake Association.

 The top pictures here show the dredging pump at work at the mouth of Black Creek.  The bottom two show the holding facility for sediment immediately north of the Cold Springs Golf Course.

In addition to checking on the dredging project at the “Lake Events” page, check also the article on Hamilton Lake Pike on the “Science” page of our web site.

Northern Pike Sampling
Check the video at http://vimeo.com/channels/clearlakeindiana

See article on Mute Swans on Lake Science page

What to do about the large and increasing number of mute swans on Hamilton Lake.....